Testimonials, Before & After Photos

You will notice that this page has no actual before and after photos or testimonials on it. This is not because I do not have any (I do) nor is it because none of them show good results (some of them show very impressive results). The reason is that they can be misleading.

The usual practice on the internet is for a clinic to single out and display a selection of their best results. This is fine for cosmetic procedures like Botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and hair transplants where a prospective patient would like to get a feel for the aesthetic ideal of the clinic. It is misleading when it comes to medical treatment.

The results of medical treatment depend on many factors; the age of the patient, whether or not an accurate diagnosis has been made, the speed of hair loss, how far the hair loss has progressed and variability between individuals in sensitivity to treatment effects and side effects. To cherry pick the outstanding results and present only these does not give you an accurate representation of expected outcome.

You could argue that showing some positive results could help counter the general negativity many feel about hair loss treatment and help motivate people to persist with treatment in order to get the best results. But this is best done in the context of a proper assessment and explanation of the risks and benefits of the various treatments.

Similiarly with testimonials. It may be a good marketing move but it is not ethical to display a selection of positive opinions on the website. In fact it is a breach of the Medicines Act for me to do so.