Generic Dutasteride Soon Available

Dutasteride is a stronger blocker of 5 alpha reductase than finasteride. It almost always gives better results than finasteride in men and in post menopausal women.

Up until now the only legal form of dutasteride available in New Zealand has been the original name brand Avodart imported from overseas. That is about to change.

New Zealand patent law gives 20 years of patent protection to drugs rather than the 25 years common overseas. This is an opportunity for a New Zealand company to get an edge on those in other nations.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals are the New Zealand company which produced the excellent Fintral brand of 5mg finasteride. They will be producing a generic version of Avodart 0.5mg later this year.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals have a track record of excellent quality. I do not know what the price will be but watch this space.