Dutasteride now available in New Zealand

For over ten years dutasteride has been available overseas as an alternative finasteride for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy and (off label) for male pattern hair loss. Up until now the original Avodart brand of dutasteride has been the only one available but not in New Zealand.

However, in New Zealand, Avodart’s patent has expired and production and sale of the Terod brand of 0.5mg dutasteride has begun. These are made in New Zealand by Douglas Pharmaceuticals who have a good reputation for quality generic medication.

Terod is cleared by Medsafe in NZ and the FDA in the USA for benign prostatic hypertrophy. Use of dutasteride for any other indication is called “off label.”

New Zealand has a curious limitation on free speech with regards to medical information. All information published by doctors (including this blog) is classed as “advertising.” Discussing the use of medication for off label uses is deemed to be “illegally advertising a medicine for unapproved indications” and a doctor can be prosecuted for doing it.

Face to face discussions with your doctor are still OK.