Dr Paul Nola


dr paul nola - hair doctor aucklandMy name is Paul Nola and I am an Appearance Medicine Doctor practicing in Ponsonby.

The medical profession, myself included, have in the past been pretty uninterested in hair loss. In NZ, it has been thought to be a trivial condition compared with say cancer or heart disease. Anyone complaining has been thought a little too vain, needing to get over it as well as needing to have a big glass of harden up. In the past it was not appreciated just how devastating these conditions are to many people, especially women.

Hair loss and it’s health effects in my family and friends led me to do my own research and to decide that the above view is really pretty poor. In fact:

• Early hair loss has major health effects and is a risk factor for early death on a par with family history of early heart disease.

• Hair loss has major effects on how people are perceived and treated. Often this occurs in the teens and twenties where the impact of appearance on developing careers and possible long term relationships is profound.

• The resulting effects on self esteem can lead to giving up on diet, fitness and exercise. Adding obesity and lack of fitness to the metabolic effects of hair loss is a recipe for an early death from heart disease.

• Finally, and this one is important, silence on the hair loss front from the medical profession has left a gap which has been filled by various expensive clinics selling poorly effective and unproven treatments.

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