Cosmetic Techniques

These solutions to hair loss include traditional wigs as well as the more modern membrane systems and the very popular hair extensions. For some people they are the best solution. If you are a man or women whose hair loss is advanced and has either never been treated or has been unresponsive to treatment AND you would like the appearance of a full head of hair then one of these options may be best for you.


Topical Fibres – SureThik, Toppik, Caboki and Nanogen Fibres

These are the most popular concealer. A more discrete method of camouflage than sprays and paint-on concealers is to use coloured keratin fibres. All of these products are tiny coloured fibres derived from wool except for Caboki which uses a form of cotton fibre. They all have a static charge which means that they “stick” to each other and your existing hair and give the appearance that your hair is thicker.

You simply shake them onto the affected area of scalp and they stay put until you wash your hair or go swimming. You do need some hair in the area so the fibres have something to stick onto but, once applied, they stay put until washed off. These fibres are available in a range of colours and with a few quick shakes you can have the appearance of thicker hair very quickly and easily. There are different brands which are all slightly different and each person has their own preference. I stock SureThik for those who are interested. SureThik can be a little cheaper than the other brands and has less of the purple tinge of some brands.

All of the products have a matte finish and can lead to a loss of shine for some people (see photos below). For this reason most people spray some form of finishing spray which restores shine and can also lock the fibres in place a little better.

Caboki is a lot messier to use than the wool based products. The one time someone used Caboki in my office we were both engulfed in a cloud of cotton fibres.

1. Patient scalp before use of Surethik with wide part.                         2. Patient scalp after SureThik fibres. Note slight loss of shine.         3. After Fibre Locking Spray which restores shine.

First Photo. Patient before Surethik with wide part.   Second Photo. Patient after SureThik fibres. No wide part but slight loss of shine.     Third Photo. After Fibre Locking Spray which restores shine.

Paint-On Concealer – DermMatch and Nanogen

These products are a form of makeup or foundation. You buy a shade that matches the colour of your hair and paint it onto the scalp. Least popular of the camouflage techniques but are used a lot on TV studio sets as they cut down on the reflection of light from a pale scalp under thinning hair.

Hair Extensions

Your hairdresser is your best port of call for these. 

Wigs and Hairpieces

Many people wear wigs and hairpieces (AKA hair systems) and you would never. Modern wigs etc are very natural and relatively easy to wear. It is easy to pay over the top for these but on the other hand you do get what you pay for and it is important to get a quality product. 

DANGER POINT Look out if you are a young guy with early stages of male pattern hair loss and are offered a hair system as your best option. There are many reports on the internet of young guys being told they can easily have a full head of hair and finding themselves quickly shaved with an unexpected expensive hairpiece on their head that they never expected.

If you decide that this is an option you want to explore I recommend:

1. Jo Muru at

2. Hair Creations is the largest organisation and recommended by the Cancer Society


A wig subsidy is available from WINZ if you have a letter from your doctor. Details are available at your salon.