New Zealand Medical Hair Loss

Advice, Diagnosis and Treatment

Worried about losing your hair?

1.Search through this website for honest information about hair loss.
2.Download and read the free reports below.
3.Contact Paul on 09 360 4078 if you would like an appointment to discuss your concerns.

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Dealing with Hair Loss for Men Dealing with Hair Loss for Women


So you or someone you love has started losing hair. You worry about the future and start looking for help BUT your doctor may not be interested and you don’t know what to believe on the internet. You may have visited a hair clinic and been SHOCKED at the cost.

You do have options. Browse this website for information and support for sufferers. It can help you find out about the causes of hair loss and the treatments options including medical, cosmetic and surgical.

If you want more detail on treatment doses,  how to use the treatments or to access my treatments then you will have to call in for a consultation. The New Zealand Medical Council specifically outlaws giving medical treatment without an examination so we will have to talk face to face. You will be examined and given specific medical advice, both verbal and written, about the causes and implications of your hair loss, any necessary prescriptions and written advice on how to use them most effectively.

An initial 45 minute consultation will cost you $100. You may require a follow-up consultation which is $50. Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

Once you have your diagnosis and plan you can then either take that plan away and arrange your own treatment programme or let me organise one for you.

If you would like to book an appointment please call reception at 09 3604078.

The location is at:

Ponsonby Cosmetic Medical Clinic

Level One 63 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby 1011

Which is opposite Bolliwood Restaurant and The Longroom. We have no dedicated parking but parking is available on the street or in the public carpark in Pollen St (see map).

Building security is operational after 5.30pm. There is a group of buzzers on the right side of the main door. Press the buzzer for Ponsonby Cosmetic Medical Clinic to be buzzed in.